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The Witching Hour by Periplum. Commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and Wirral Borough of C

The Witching Hour was a brand new performance created by Periplum and commissioned by Absolutely Cultured in Hull and Wirral Borough of Culture 2019 for May 2019. 

Designed to connect people and inspire imagination, the performance explored stories of local wise women, magical mythical characters and childhood memories from East Park in Hull and Birkenhead Park in Wirral, immersing audiences across the country in a unique and shared experience and weaving a story between the two locations.

Working with Absolutely Cultured in Hull, I led the delivery of this project across the two locations, working closely with the artists and partners. 

The Witching Hour featured a community engagement project which took place over two nights to audiences of around 400 in the communities near to the parks. The Witching Hour performances took place over three nights in each park location to a total audience of 18,000 people.  

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