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Lead Producer


Land of Green Ginger was Hull 2017’s flagship community engagement project; a citywide project which took the highest quality work into the neighbourhoods outside of the city centre and actively engaged with the previously least engaged residents.

Residents were invtied to immerse themselves in a magical citywide story, inspired by and celebrating the spirit of Hull. Six Acts of Wanton Wonder transformed communities into places of wonder, delight, magic and possibility. In june 2018 the seventh and final Act of Wanton Wonder was delivered to every resident in Hull - a beautifully illustrated storybook delivered to 120,000 households telling the story of Land of Green Ginger through the experiences of people whose lives were touched by the magic of the project.  

As Lead Producer of Land of Green Ginger working with Hull Uk City of Culture 2017, I led the on all aspects of the project working with a project team in the delivery of six individual artist projects, the overarching narrative which linked them, and the creation and development of the Land of Green Ginger book. 

Land of Green Ginger presented a mixture of high quality large-scale spectacle performances, along with more durational interactive installations in and for the communities located outside of Hull’s city centre.

Land of Green Ginger attracted audiences of 100,000 people through the year, with participation from approximately 1,500 local people. 

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